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Inspiring regional secondary school students to stay in school and realise their full career potential.

Geared4Careers provides support to over 1000 students across 13 secondary schools in North East and Central Victoria.

The program is unique in that our Program Officers are embedded in the schools, to more effectively assist our participants to remain engaged and transition to further education or employment.

Geared4Careers works with local youth to:

  • Become job ready through activities such as mock interviews
  • Apply for Tax File Numbers, Bank Accounts, Birth Certificates etc. to prepare for work
  • Secure local employment opportunities whilst still at school


Whilst participating in Geared4Careers, students work towards achieving their full potential at school and in the work force.

The overall goal for Geared4Careers, is to create an environment where students feel connected with their schools and have access to every opportunity available to them.

One size does not fit all and as such, Geared4Careers’ parameters are flexible to meet the needs of each individual participant. The program works to complement, not duplicate, each school’s current services and curriculum.

Geared4Careers Participant Annual Survey Feedback

If you want to know more about Geared4Careers, contact us or head over to our socials!